The iPhone 12 is coming this fall. Here’s everything we know so far

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Apple fans have always been able to count on a new slate of iPhones arriving in late September or early October each year. Recent Apple iPhone 12 rumors called that decade-long tradition into question, but there may be a silver lining, and a new iPhone may still arrive on time. Here’s a rundown of what to expect from the new phones.


Apple generally refreshes the design of the iPhone every three years, and this cycle will bring some changes. After the iPhone X, iPhone XS, and iPhone 11 had similar designs, the iPhone 12 will represent a shift for the iPhone. It may even bring back some design elements from the much-loved iPhone 4 series.

Early rumors pointed at Apple giving the iPhone 12 series a new frame, with a less rounded edge. It makes sense — the new iPad Pro has a similar look, and with the iPhone 12, Apple will likely make its lineup a little more unified in that regard. The front and the back of the phones will be glass.

According to many rumors, Apple will actually release four iPhone 12 models — which is one more than the iPhone 11 series offered. There will be a base iPhone 12, a large-screen iPhone 12 Max, a high-powered iPhone 12 Pro, and an even larger iPhone 12 Pro Max.

The iPhone 12 will reportedly feature a 5.4-inch display, while the iPhone 12 Max and iPhone 12 Pro will each have a 6.1-inch display. The iPhone 12 Pro Max will sport a huge 6.7-inch display. For the first time, all displays will be OLED, which should make for deeper black levels and even have less of an impact on battery life. Plenty of data related to the screens has been leaked, including the resolution of each…..Read More>>

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